Toptape (Gaffatape/Duct-tape)

High quality multipurpose self-adhesive tape consisting of Polyethylene backing coupled with fabric gauze and high performance Hot melt adhesive.

This tape is water resistant, adheres perfectly to surface and is torn easily by hand. Indispensable for home, car DIY and for all small repairs and quick fixing.

Polyethylene film coupled with fabric.

Synthetic rubber, hydrocarbonic and natural resins, plasticizers and antioxidants.


Technical Specifications:

Total thickness

185 my +/- 10%


8,8 N/cm +/- 10%

Stretch at Breaking point

16% +/- 20%

Breaking strength

35 N/cm +/- 10%

Colors: Grey and black.

Remove dust and grease and apply the tape to the dry surface, the tape can be used at a temperature between -5 degrees celsius and +50 degress celsius approximately.

The above data is average results of analysis made on the standard production and is, therefore, not legally binding.


Packs and boxes:



Length (m) x Width (mm)

Rolls per Box

Boxes per pallet

5 x 50



10 x 50



25 x 50



50 x 50



Other sizes and packs are available on request. Please contact us.

In order to guarantee the best results, ensure rotation of the goods and do not keep them in stock for more than 6 month. It is advisable to clean dust and grease off the surfaces before applying the tape. The tape maintains optimum characteristics if kept at room temperature. Before use, always make a practical test to check the result of the application.

Under normal conditions our sealing tape are not toxic and do not usually cause problems on contact with the skin. However, the normal precautions should be used when handling and hands should be washed after use.

Our tape is not suitable for medical use or for bandaging.

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